Convenience Stores

The mission of F. McConnell and Sons, Inc. is to be the leader in wholesale distribution to our selected markets. Our C-Store focus is on personalized service combined with technology, variety of products, and customer-oriented programs. McConnell services a diverse customer base which includes both independent and chain business. We partner with major manufacturers to procure the items that your customers demand. The following highlights just a few of our popular retail programs:

Merchandising Assistance:
F. McConnell and Sons, Inc. has trained, qualified merchandisers to assist you with store layouts, store sets, and store resets. In order to merchandise your store for increased profitability, we use demographic information as well as store objectives. In addition, McConnell uses InterCept 8.2, which is the industry's leading and most powerful space management tool. Intercept helps to increase sales through departmental planograms that maximize category space. Shelf tags are included at no charge to assist in inventory control and reordering ease. This service proves to be a valuable asset in not only upgrading the store's appearance but also increasing sales and profits for the retailer.

Deli Program:
We understand the profit potential of a successful fast food program. This is achieved by carrying a complete convenience store deli program. We offer monthly promotions along with recipes and merchandising ideas. Our sales consultants are trained to assist you in developing your own unique food service program. A deli manual is available for each store.

Profit Digest:
In our constant endeavor to better service our customers and to help them increase their profits, we have developed "Your Profit Digest." This is a monthly guide to convenience store promotions, new items, marketing, merchandising, bakery, deli and fast food. It is designed for you to attain higher profits. "Your Profit Digest" is intended to enhance virtually every aspect of convenience store operations.

Monthly Signage Program:
McConnell can supply you with the most professional and profitable signage program available in your marketing area for a very low cost. The signs feature monthly themes with great graphics and coordinate the promotions offered in "Your Profit Digest" to let you take advantage of special deals. The monthly package contains static cling signs for your cooler, window poster signs, shelf talkers, and optional nozzle talker inserts for your gasoline pumps.

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